The CMB Pilates approach to teaching is based on modern Pilates. Unlike classical Pilates, which adheres closely to the methodologies Joseph Pilates devised in the early 20th century, the BASI school of Pilates builds on top of his teachings, leveraging contemporary research in physical therapy and biomechanics. We follow the Pilates Method Alliance policy with no more than 5 reformers per class and no more than 10 clients in our mat class to ensure quality.

The Membership

Unlimited ALL Classes: $200   Unlimted REFORMER: $150   Unlimited BARRE+MAT: $150

Private Pilates

*(Includes an Initial Assessment)

Private Intro Pack
(1st Time Clients Only) = $195

Single = $95

10 Pack = $900

20 Pack = $1800

Duet Pilates

Single = $75 per person

10 Pack = $650 per person

20 Pack = $1200 per person

Reformer Classes

(class size 5)

Reformer Class = $30 ea

10 Pack = $270 (expires after 30 days)

20 Pack = $540 (expires after 60 days) 

Mat Classes 

(class size 10)

Mat Class = $15 each

“Finally, a Pilates mat class!!! This is your classic Pilates class. Cameron is warm, professional, helpful thorought.  This class is perfect for me because I have several injuries I am constantly managing. So if you suffer from chronic spinal or joint pain, this is THE spot.”

Elizabeth S.


Our specialized Barre fitness programs are a natural complement to our Pilates services.  These dynamic classes help aid in the development of a lean, dancer-like body. Choreographed to music, our Pilates-based Barre classes apply full-body toning, cardiovascular, and flexibility enhancing components.  CMB Studio’s Barre instructors incorporate Pilates principles and expertise, maintaining functional movement in each class.  We limit our class sizes to 10, less than half of what other studios allow, as we are committed to personalized attention and maintaining the safety and effectiveness of each session for our clients.

Barre Classes

(Class size 10)

Single = $20

10 Pack = $180

Unlimited Barre Membership

Monthly Fee = $150

*Private and Duet Barre instruction is available.

(1 year commitment required)

Post-Physical Rehabilitation

Post-Physical Rehabilitation means we work with you after you have seen your doctor or physical Therapist.   We do not need a prescription or referral for you to see us.  Instructors coordinate the exercise protocol with referring Doctors or Physical Therapists. Each program is designed individually and progresses with your goals in mind.  At CMB Studios we create an environment, which focuses on post-physical rehabilitation, posture, range of motion, balance, strength, flexibility, and coordination.   Exercises utilize Pilates apparatus, weights, fit balls, balance boards, rollers, and more.

Post-Physical Rehab Sessions 

Single = $120 each   10pk = $1100   20pk = $2200

*Please call 760-815-9391 to schedule our Post-Physical Rehab appointments

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*For your safety, we require a minimum of three private Equipment Class sessions to learn basic principles and exercises. Eligibility for Equipment Class determined by instructor.


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