Post-Physical Rehabilitation

Post-Physical Rehabilitation means we work with you after you have seen your doctor or physical Therapist.   We do not need a prescription or referral for you to see us.

Instructors coordinate the exercise protocol with referring Doctors or Physical Therapists. Each program is designed individually and progresses with your goals in mind.

At CMB Studios we create an environment, which focuses on post-physical rehabilitation, posture, range of motion, balance, strength, flexibility, and coordination.   Exercises utilize Pilates apparatus, weights, fit balls, balance boards, rollers, and more.

Post-Physical Rehabilitation Appointment | $120

Post-Physical Rehabilitation 10 Pack | $1100

Post-Physical Rehabilitation 20 Pack | $2200

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*For your safety, we require a minimum of three private Equipment Class sessions to learn basic principles and exercises. Eligibility for Equipment Class determined by instructor.


649 Valley Road Solana Beach, CA 92075